Sunday, July 29, 2012

Salam Ramadhan

Wandering around social networking sites, swallowing everything you've been thinking of, silently wondering whether you're good enough to express it all out - that's me the awkward penguin in social networking sites. I end up babbling about random things in life - "Sejuknya aircond kat ofis.", "Berdebarnya nak presentation!" talking about the antics of my kitty - BUT I try really really really hard to avoid talking about other people. Be it their attitude or anything they do.

Some people, just couldn't, just really really couldn't stop from talking about others. Making snide remarks, or even commenting on whatever others do.

Which got me wondering; are we as good as we think we are? Or we only think we are good but others don't? Trying to look at ourselves from the outsider's perspectives. When I say outsiders what I meant is people who aren't really bosom buddies with us.

Which got me thinking later on; What if I am not that good of a person as I think I am, or as what my friends think I am? Am I really that bad of a person?

Which got me to expand my thoughts; So what do I do next? Conform to others' standards? Change, and try hard to appear as a good person? Or as a goody-goody person? Will I be liked as much by others if I change?

Of which I feel embarrassed by myself, for even having to think that way. That way of which succumbing to all other haters and what people may think of me if I behave in a certain way. To even dare to think of changing myself just to stop people from talking about me.

And for that I say; to hell with all of that. You cannot change just to please everyone. There will always be haters. People with full of hasad dengki. People with full of dissatisfaction in whatever it is you are doing. Why change? Change for Allah. Not just to prove to others you are better or whatnot. Change for Allah.

Change for Allah. Change for Allah. Change for Allah. Change for Allah.
and God Willing everything will be in place :)

Salam Ramadhan, have a blessed one, and may this be a productive journey for everyone ♥

p/s random thoughts on a lazy Sunday. Nothing to do with yours truly.

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