Saturday, January 14, 2012

Random stuff 101

I cannot control myself, so here goes a bunch of random stuff that's going on in my mind~

1) The desk is too full with my stuff, but I'm a hoarder I think. Sayang nak buang barang-barang lama.

2) I really need to get that bookshelf bought last week mounted up on the wall soon! Pemalas nak drill dinding uhuk uhuk

3) I really want to take care of a baby. Baby as in little newborn babies. When they've all grown up and got their walking legs, I'll hand them back to their mums. Boleh tak macam tu?

4) Hmm, everybody's getting married. When is my turn? I've planned my dress mentally by the way bahahahaha

5) I really really want to go for an Eurotour. Greece, Venice and Paris. I will work hard to make this one dream come true, just wait =)

6) I wish I can teleport to you, every single time I thought of you :D

7) Elder generations should not think too negatively on younger generations. After all, they are the ones who shaped us and brought us up, correct?

8) Refer number 6.

9) Can't wait to have a permanent job! However, not everything that we want is good for us, no? [2:216]

10) Refer number 8 =)


One fine Saturday mornin'

Good day peeps! Wah gitew berpeeps peeps pulak aku ni kann haha

Cewah dah gaya macam southern Americans pulak aku bermornin' mornin' kannn =p Anyways new update! I am currently working as a CSR..Where? I won't tell you hehehe =D Setakat ni, ini la rezeki yang ade. While waiting for other better offers. 

Okay enough with talking crap. All these motivational stuff are seriously pulling my hair out. Enough with my philosophy and whatnots. Time to be vain today hee hee =)

Yeah, keep calm and carry on. Lek lek luuu~ 

Apa motif tunjuk calendar Subway aku pun tak faham -.-" Oh this means my supply of cheap Subway every month will always be there yahoooo! 

I am Gen Y and proud of it ;D Motif nak ulang balik ape yang dah tertulis aleen?HAHA

So ignore je lah muka tak semenggah tu yang penuh dengan jerawat. Stress la katakan hehe.

Have a happy weekend you all. I am enjoying mine immensely ;)

Thursday, January 5, 2012


Semua dok wedding syndrome, pre-wedding syndrome ni. Payah la macam ni.
Sana sini kawan-kawan sebaya nak mendirikan masjid. Alhamdulillah.
Anak kawan-kawan parents pun sama.
Haaa, mula lah terangkat-angkat kening bagi hint dekat aku.

Tapi taknak aku kahwin lagi.
Tapi dok bagi hint.

Acane tu?

Notakaki: Aihhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh